Events: Upcoming events in 2004
2005 Diary

Please submit any upcoming events to do with the Environment or Community Development around the World and in South Africa.

Thank you for your support.

Events are listed from the most recent event coming up to the last event of the year.

" We are indeed living in a special moment in human evolution. With the development of e-communication, the connectivity amongst individuals, organisations and people has exponentially grown. At the same time an increasing number of people, due to subjective work, feel interconnected through a subtle internet, an invisible biocomputer. For them more and more, synchronicities are meaningful signals beyond causality, guiding the way to world service."
Pierre Weil - President, International Holistic University

Events Still to be listed for 2005



Please let us know about environmental Events:

Neale Donald Walsch
28-30 May 2005


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