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The Garden Route Trust aims to provide an effective umbrella and liaison body to ensure that the environment of the Garden Route is conserved to the sustainable social and economic advantage of the entire community. (Mission Statement proposed and adopted at the first Trustee's Meeting of 20th July 1996.)



1. Encourage an attitudinal shift within the public in order that future development is focussed on long term sustainable community advantage rather than short term profit for the few.
2. Develop and publicise a set of principles, a "Responsible Development Protocol", which will serve as a yardstick against which development proposals may be assessed.
3. Establish public support for the remaining "green" areas along this coastline to be selected, demarcated and declared "Limited Activity Areas" in accordance with Act 73 of 1989.
4. Promote a review of all legislation covering development and environmental matters.
5. Give active support to those developments which are deemed appropriate in relation to the Trust's set of guiding principles. (See Responsible Development Protocol.)
6. Design and deliver educational courses aimed at developing community awareness which will support the mission of the Trust.
7. Mount publicity campaigns which will support and promote the mission of the Trust.
8. Formulate and conduct lobbying campaigns to elicit the support of selected politicians.
9. Promote the election of public representatives who support the mission of the Trust to positions in local, provincial and national legislatures.
10. Identify and actively cooperate with all informal groups and established organisations who are in accordance with the mission of the Trust.
11. Conduct appropriate funding activities to finance the operations of the Trust.


1. Establish a Garden Route Trust Forum in each of the Garden Route towns, comprising representatives from all relevant local organisations and interest groups, in order to identify current critical issues and formulate a coherent and informed response to deal with them. Voluntary action from a united body is urgently needed to be maximally effective.
2. Extend a comprehensive basic environmental education programme into all the schools with the cooperation of teaching staff and local conservation officers.
3. Make direct contact with relevant members of Parliament to emphasise the urgency of the Garden Route environmental crisis. (Meetings with Minister Pallo Jordan, 5 September 1996 and 30 November 1997, also more recently with Minister Valli Moosa on 26 September 2001)

Our long term physical, economic and cultural survival depends upon wise utilisation of our natural resources. We hereby appeal to all the People of South Africa to assist us in our task.


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