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"The glory of the human has become the devastation of the Earth. The devastation of the Earth appears to be our destiny. All human institutions, programs, activities and practices are to be judged by the 'great work' they will have to accomplish toward developing a viable human-Earth relationship."
Thomas Berry

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-::- Website -::- The organisations own website
-::- Email -::- The organisations email address


A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (A W.I.S.H.)
-::- Website -::-
to provide models and support for life sustaining activities that integrate solutions to poverty and the environment while fostering self-reliance.


Cape Nature Conservation -::- MORE -::- Website -::-
Conservation of Biodiversity
The protection of wildlife, the management of National Parks, Education

C.A.P.E. -::- Website -::- Cape Action for People and the Environment


Cape Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife -::- Website -::-
Joshua Baboon Rehabilitation Project 



The Center for Ecoliteracy -::- Website -::-
Aim: Education for sustainable living by fostering a profound understanding of the natural world, grounded in direct experience.


CX Press -::- Website -::- CX Press is the Garden Route newspaper.
Aim: To make the public aware of environmental issues and the state of the Garden Route.


Conservation International -::- Website -::-



EcoLink -::- Website -::- Environmental Education Trust situated near White River, South Africa.


Educo -::- Website -::- Email -::- Leadership Development through outdoor-based experiential learning.



Findhorn Foundation -::- Website -::- Eco Village
The Findhorn Foundation is the educational and organisational cornerstone of the world-famous Findhorn Community.

Established: 1962


Forum for the Future -::- Website -::- Sustainable development charity.
Aim: To accelerate the building of a sustainable way of life, taking a positive, solution orientated approach.


Green Futures -::- Website -::-
Green Futures the UK's leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures


Garden Route Trust -::-@-::- MORE -::- The Garden Route Campaign for Sustainable Development
Established: 1996 Aim: Aim : To encourage sustainable development of the ecologically sensitive Southern Cape coastline.


Global Environment Facility -::- Website -::-
Established: 1991 Aim: Helps developing countries fund projects and programs.


Global Green USA -::- Website -::- Promotes the ethic of Global Responsibility


Green Futures -::- Website -::-


GreenPeace environmental Network -::- Website -::-



The World Conservation Union -::-@-::- Website -::-



The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species -::- Website -::-



The Natural Step -::- Website -::- provides a visionary blueprint for a sustainable world.


The Natural Step UK -::- Website -::- providing companies with a scientifically rigorous set of rules, using training and development techniques specifically fashioned for the business environment.


The Odyssey Magazine -::- Website -::-



Plettenberg Bay Community Environmental Forum -::- Website -::-


Resurgence Magazine -::- Website -::- Resurgence is the leading international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking.
Established: 1966



Schumacher College -::- Website -::- An international center for ecological studies.


UNEP-WCMC locates and compiles information
-::- Website -::-
1979 Aim: Education on the Environment




World Wildlife Fund -::- Website -::- World Conservation
WWF - South Africa -::- Website -::- South African Conservation



Wilderness Leadership School -::-Website-::-


10th Anniversary of the Zero Emissions Concept
-::- Website -::-
Established: 1994-2004

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