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Please help our World by submitting your research on environmental issues and sustainable practice.

Below are organisations doing environmental research or practising environmental research methods.

If you are doing environmental research please, send us your information so that we can give you a link.

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Garden Route Trust -::- LINK -::- Policies & Practices supporting sustainable development in Sub-Sahara Africa (Congress held in Abidjan)

Greener Cars -::- Website -::- Informing the public on cars that have low emissions and are environmentally more friendly.

Working for Water -::- LINK -::- Removing alien vegetation, education.
Aim: To teach the public about the importance of our water resources.


Sustainable Development: A Definition.

Sustainable development is a process and not an end in itself. Its aim is to create popular awareness and supporting behavior so that everyone allows development to proceed in such a way as to safeguard the life support systems of the planet, whilst ensuring that all citizens are enabled to meet their fundamental need for a dignified livelihood. Underlying this principle is a triple process of:
1.sharing responsibility so that the social fabric is retained
2.enabling effective wealth creation to continue
3.ensuring that the natural and social fabrics of the planet are not damaged beyond repair

(Professor Timothy O’Riordan of University of East Anglia)


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